Mossberg 500 Cruiser JIC Patriot Pump Action Shotgun 12 Gauge 18.5" Synthetic Pistol Grip Matte Black Finish, Free Shipping

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Nothing is quite as effective as a 12 gauge shotgun for defending yourself and your loved ones at home, and the Mossberg 500 JIC Patriot Pump Action Shotgun is one of the best for the task. The Mossberg 500 Cruiser is a fantastic choice for home defense due to the excellent stopping power, combined with the pistol grip for easier maneuvering in close quarters (i.e. hallways and door ways). 

Specifications and Features:
Mossberg 500 JIC Pump Action Shotgun 
12 Gauge 
18.5" Barrel 
6 Rounds 
Synthetic Pistol Grip 
Matte Black Finish 
28.75" Overall Length 
5.5 lbs
Fixed Cylinder Bore 
5.99 lbs
Bead Sight 
Sealed in a resealable clear bag, and is packaged in a heavy duty, waterproof synthetic carrying tube complete with resealable top and nylon carrying strap